Eye Color

The color of peoples eyes has always been an interesting subject. From the time a child is born they have a color in their eyes that will give them their looks for the rest of their lives. often eye color of a child can change as they grow up and mature.

The color of people’s eyes will be a prominent thing they are known by throughout their life especially if the color is a more notable eye color like blue. Often in life we are known as the blue eyed person or the person with the nice eyes. The eye color is a powerful attribute we possess and can shape our personality.

It will be on our records, in our passport, medical records, school and employment records and in questions we are asked in forms we fill out in our daily lives.

Hazel eyes are quite common in people as are brown and blue eyes but it can depend on where your family are from. If you are from Scandinavia then blue eyes will be most common and most blonde people have blue eyes. If you have dark skin then it’s more likely you will have dark eyes.

Our eyes will reflect our state of health, how much sleep we have had or not had and how we are feeling. If we are sad then it will be recognized in our eyes. If we are upset then our eyes might cry or tears can appear just for feeling good.

Eyes are important to how we look and our eye color will have a big part in how they affect us in life.
eye color
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