What Color Is Hazel?

It is not that easy to define hazel eyes exactly due to the larger range of the colors that can be considered as hazel. The easiest way to describe hazel eyes is that they are a brown/green in color.

Hazel eye color will usually have a brown tone at the center, surrounded by green color. However, the color range for these type of eyes is wider and several other shades like light brown, yellowish brown, green blue with brown, greenish brown, golden brown etc. are also termed as hazel eyes.

One of the interesting features of hazel eye color is that it reflects the color of the clothing, the person wears. Therefore, hazel eyes color may appear darker shade depending on the color of the person’s clothes. However, it should also be noted that a mere green blue color is not called as hazel. A hazel eye color always has a bit or a lot of brown in it.

hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are not really a rare eye color and are commonly found in many parts of the world. Hazel colored eyes are mostly found in the continent of Asia, North and South America; and nations like Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, etc.

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